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There's more to being a lawyer than dispensing legal advice and appearing in court on a client's behalf. What makes an attorney effective — and successful — is an ability to understand where a client is coming from, and how his or her life has been affected by a bad situation.

My name is Ben Glen. When I became an attorney nearly three decades ago, my main goal was to help people when they have to confront a confusing and intimidating legal system. Over the years, my passion for providing zealous legal help has only grown, and I am proud to help Californians facing legal challenges take on the system and work hard to earn the best possible outcome.

At my firm, giving people answers and practical information is always a priority. In fact, it's at the heart of what I do every single day. If you have questions about your legal matter, call my office at 877-236-4536. I'll be happy to help you in any way I can.

A Focus On Personal Injury And Employment Law

Effective legal representation can make a big difference in any legal case, but I have found that my passion for helping people and years of negotiation and litigation experience are best focused in two main areas: personal injury and employment law.

These are areas where people are almost always made to feel that the law isn't on their side. People who are seriously injured in accidents are stonewalled by insurance companies and a confusing court system. People who are mistreated on the job may not understand the full extent of their rights as workers or, even if they do, are too afraid to stand up for themselves out of fear of losing their jobs and livelihood.

My firm is here to show you a way forward. Whether you need compensation following an accident or reassurance that you can do your job without illegal intimidation, I will fight hard on your behalf and show you that when the law is on your side, even challenging situations can have a positive result.

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